Why does Buffalo have so many beautiful trees?

I used to live on Monroe St between Sycamore/Brown Streets, trees were everywhere. Even the Fruitbelt used to have lovely trees. The not too long ago Elm disease hit everywhere. Irv Weinsten on the News one night. He said pin a diaper around a tree trunk folded face up, those bugs climbing up into the pocket can’t get out when tightened a bit. It worked. You just take the diaper off, dispose it. If we had planted different types of trees side by side as you see naturally in the forest, Dutch Elm bugs wouldn’t crawl next to each other. I miss the trees of Buffalo.

Discovering Buffalo, One Street at a Time

Hodge Avenue runs approximately a half-mile between Delaware Avenue and Ashland Avenue.  Like many of the streets in the Elmwood Village, Hodge Street is lined with beautiful homes and large stately trees.  It’s hard to imagine the City of Buffalo without it’s street trees.  Although, the trees might not even be there if it wasn’t for the Hodge family….

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